Thursday, 22 April 2010

new animation-still not finished!!

Some stills from my new animation which is taking me forrrrreeeveeer. Nearly there, best get on with it!


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  2. How many frames did you need for the finished animation? 'Yatra' was well done! The story it tells is open-ended and can be interpreted many ways. Your style is very unique too, which is why I like your work so much. Traditional 2-D FTW!

    I'm sure it's just a devil in disguise, but the medium you used seems so simple. From an amateur animator (a lazy one at that), I love what you do and aspire to create work like yours one day. Keep'em comin!

  3. wow-thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm such a blog idiot- I didn't even realise how to check I had comments until today- your messages are amazing! It's like-yes-at least one person out there gets what I'm doing!! Animation for me is about making drawings move.

    The finished film was about 1500 took me so long I thought I'd never finish- it drove me crazy! Will do something much simpler next time for sure!